How To Pose Somebody’s Hands When Taking Pictures

Published: 09th July 2009
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Posing somebody so they still look natural can be a tough thing. There are a few things, if done right, that will make all the difference

1st- Pose the subjects hands so that they as close to the subject as possible. Sometimes hands will appear larger in relation to the subject when they are placed in front of them. Another option is to use a longer lens, or have the subject place their hands on their sides or behind them. Make sure never to have the arms flat against the body as it will make the subject appear bigger than they are. Unless that is the look you are going for like in a sport shot.

2nd- Make guys appear masculine and girls appear feminine. If you are going for a strong pose for a male you may want him to stand up straight with good posture, grip his fingers together. Where a girl you may want her to have her fingers slightly apart and relaxed emphasizing a softness. When posing a couple together make sure the guys hand is over the girls and not vice versa.

3rd- Hands can be used to draw the focus of the picture to the face. Having a Girl put her hand gently against her face her on the bridge of her neck will draw the viewer's eye to the face which should be the focus of the picture. A guy with a resting his chin on his fist will have the same effect. Remember that the viewer's eyes will be drawn from left to right. It is a good idea to have the focus of the picture to be on the right side. This is not always the case, but a good rule of thumb to remember.

4th- Use hands to reveal the personality of the person you are shooting. If the person you are shooting is sweet and elegant it may be a good idea to have them hold out their dress by grabbing it with their index finger and thumb with their other fingers slightly out. If they are sassy and full of life you may want them to put their hands on the side or back of their hip. A guy that is cool and collective may have one hand on the side and one hand in a pocket with the thumb out. Or if it is a sportsy guy you may want to have one hand gripping a ball (depending on the sport) and the other hand slightly bent at the side of the subject. It's really up to you to figure out their personality and then to act accordingly.

5th- The actual position of the hand should have a slight bend to it creating a more pleasant curve. The outer part of the hand is the most likely to not be distorted in photographs and it shows the natural lines in the hands which makes for a better overall picture.

The hands surprisingly make a big difference in photos. Be aware of them in y our pictures and most of all make sure they add to the focus of the picture.

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