How To Make Meaningful Wedding Wishes

Published: 05th July 2009
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A wedding is one most special events of anybody's life. And rightly so. This special day marks the point in which they will live together, make a family together, and raise children to become the next generation that will dictate society. Yet there is a fall off in the importance of a marriage. Some view it as a chance to "try it out" and then if they don't like it, they get a divorce. There has never been a view on marriage in the history of time like there is now. How does one wish newly weds the appropriate acclamations at a wedding? The following are a few helps to get you on your way.

-A simple wedding wish is to show your support and love for the couple

You want to wish the couple the best from the heart. You can say "I want to congratulate the both of you in this beautiful occasion. I am happy for you and I wish you all the best. Be good to each other, enjoy life. Life has it's ups and downs, fight through the downs and enjoy your ups, but cherish every moment together no matter the circumstance."

-Don't be afraid to encourage couples and offer your hopes and dreams for them.

Every couple needs a good nudge and support from friends and family. One may say, "Bring children into this world that will brighten this world. Love each other so much that your children will know it. Enjoy life."

-If you or the couple are religious your wishes may include respect to God

"I am very happy for the both of you and I know God is too. Laugh together and cry together and always thank God you have each other." If the couple is more religious you may offer advice such as "every night kneel down and pray together. Whoever is saying the prayer make sure and thank God for your companion in life when times are good and especially when times are hard.

-Offer unique wedding wishes that are filled with warmth

There are too many common phrases. Be unique and show your personality in your wedding wishes. Keep them short, simple, and meaningful. Observe the couple and notice their personalities. Picture their life together down the road and growing old together. Recognize the pains and joys they will have together. Recognize the challenges that may come their way and the joys. See them for who they really are. See the good in them and the possibilities of greatness. Then after you observe all of this go and offer your wishes of support and love. Your wishes will be the first impact on the newly wedded couple's life. Make it for the best and set them on the right path. Look them in the eyes and make it from the heart. Remember that the decorations, the cake, and all the celebrations won't be there tomorrow. Even the wedding photography will only capture posed images.Your genuine wishes will have an influence on the couple like nothing else will.

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